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CD: SEX SLAVES - NIKKI: The Early Recordings (2010)

NIKKI: The Early Recordings is the 3rd release from American rock band SEX SLAVES. It came out worldwide on Radical Records label in 2010.

The album is a collection of the bands early work, written and recorded while they cut their teeth on the New York City club scene and their first regional and national tours. It is partly a reissue of the SEX SLAVES first independent release "NIKKI", recorded & released in 2003 on Germ Music.

Those 6 original tracks feature an alternative, earlier era, 4 piece lineup that saw singer/guitarist ERIC13 & bassist/vocalist DEL CHEETAH joined by original lead guitarist Brian "23" Burke (a.k.a. Sunny Climbs) and drummer Marty E. Added to those tracks were 2 songs previously only found on the Japanese release of the Bite Your Tongue album.

The version of "We Are the Sex Slaves" is the only Sex Slaves track to feature Burke and the bands long time drummer J/BOMB.

The song "No More Reasons" was one the bands early fan favorites, a video of which still circulates on YouTube, which captures the essence of those early days. "2 A.M." was previously featured on the Steve Blush (American Hardcore book & film) compilation "NEW YORK CITY ROCKNROLL". An alternate mix is found here on NIKKI.


1. We Are the Sex Slaves
2. Die With Me
3. Summer's Back
4. No More Reasons
5. Sex Sex Sex
6. What Have You Come For
7. No Satisfaction
8. Buried
9. Do It Again
10. Waiting
11. 2 A.M.


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