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CD: Call of the Wild (2012)

CALL OF THE WILD is the 4th studio album from American rock band SEX SLAVES. It was released worldwide on the Loch Ness Records label in 2012.

All the tracks were recorded in Los Angeles, CA by Producer Ulrich Wild at his studio 'The Wilderness'. It features 12 original songs, all performed by singer/guitarist ERIC13, bassist and vocalist DEL CHEETAH and drummer J/BOMB.

Immediately following the album's release the band did an extensive world tour, hitting America and Europe in support of the record. Two music videos accompanied the album for the songs "Cool Ride", shot during the European Tour, and "W.T.F.R.U" featuring a look into the future. Both can be seen on YouTube.


1. W.T.F.R.U
2. Lose That Dress
3. Burning Bridges
4. I Wanna Kill You
5. My Black Heart
6. Sik Fuk
7. Call of the Wild
8. Get in Line
9. RocknRoll Band
10. Lets Make Out
11. I Swear
12. Cool Ride
12. I Got Drunk

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